Project Empower

HONEYPAYS MICRO CREDIT encourages members to save for the future, the unexpected or the unplanned. It is equally important that they should save for the survival and growth of their business. HONEYPAYS MICRO CREDIT advocates a minimum voluntary daily/weekly savings installment payment of NGN500. This savings product which we refer to as Project Empower yields between 15% upward interest credited to member's savings accounts and paid to the bank account provided by the member at the end of the specified tenure. This product is helping members to build their own capital over time. Members are free to withdraw their savings at any time before the interest starts accruing.


Very flexible entry options;
With a minimum savings of N500,000.
Save on a daily/weekly basis to enter
Or do a one time payment



Enjoy between 15% and 210% -  on your savings.


5Months (Public Holidays are not included)
9Months (Public Holidays are not included)
18Months (Public Holidays are not included)
36Months (Public Holidays are not included)
(Principal and Interest is paid back within seven working days of maturity)