It was another time for more celebrations at Honeypays Micro Credit Investment Limited on the occasion of the birthday celebration of the amiable Branch Manager/Head of Operations Honeypays Bayelsa which took place on the 9th of February, 2019.

Mrs. Janet Desmond Woyens is an astute and quintessential business woman with an unstinting and reputable track record for progressive forward minded approach in achieving set goals and objectives with focus on everyday business success driven by a passionate commitment to the ideals of all that Honeypays represent.

Mrs. Janet Desmond Woyen: The celebrant of the day and chief convener of the investors dinner

The venue for this event couldn’t have been better sited than at the prestigious Aridolf Tent located within the complex of the Aridolf Resort and Wellness Hotel (Yenagoa, Bayelsa state) as guest from all works of life many of whom had been specially invited to grace this auspicious event. The Guest list included; friends and family members of the celebrant, clients, prospective investors and staff members of Honeypays Micro Credit Investment Limited with representation from across the country all enjoying the exclusive grandeur, elegance and lush scenery of comfort and splendor relayed on display.

The exquisite scenery of the Aridolf Tent played the perfect host to this illustrious event

A significant feature of this event was a specially organized investors’ dinner which sought to inform, inspire and indulge new and prospective investors who have found themselves at the crossroads of indecisiveness, hesitancy and largely skepticism unable to come to terms with the amazing realities of the return on investment and premium dividend to which many are already been treated to by Honeypays with the just concluded Dubai special Christmas trip providing credence to that compliment.

There was an invitation to prospective investors on learning the secrets of making N7 million in 5 months which sounded too good to be true until feedbacks and praise reports from those who have themselves benefited from Honeypays product offerings took the opportunity to share their awe-inspiring testimonies of how truly doing business with Honeypays has distinctively changed their fortunes for the good, “…Honeypays…Truly Pays…” was the anthem on their lips as they testified.

A cross section of guests and prospective investors who had all come to not only hear the good news but to be a part of the story line

One of the guests actually spoke of how returns on investment made was received  promptly on the due maturity date and used some of that returns to purchase a vehicle. This and many more attestations made by customers only gave credence to good substance, justifying the claims that Honeypays products have added value to their lives and increased their wealth and not even doubting Thomas would have thought otherwise.

Beyond the talk was the call to proves and evidence, tangible testimonies from those who have benefited from the Honeypays product offerings

As guests were treated to nice music and a variety of both local and continental cuisine, the MC (De Ambassador) ensured there were no dull moments whatsoever especially in the moments leading up to the grand entry of the celebrant herself.

Eventually, the moment finally came for which many of the guest had come-responding to the invitation to learn the Honeypays secrets of making 7 million naira in 5 months. People came ready to listen with rapt attention as the Business Development Manager of Honeypays Micro Credit Investment Limited -Mr. Jeremy came up to make plain in simple words how Honeypays is able to promise the interest yields it provides and substantially deliver on demand. The invited guest were shown how to make 7 million naira in 5 months. They were given a sneak peek into the forex profitability and sustainability model of Honeypays and the Honeypays luxury apartment at the Damac Towers in Dubai. As true to claims it was evidently more than just information, it was an education on financial freedom and an eye opening experience for many who perhaps only knew little about Honeypays.

Honeypays, truly pays and the smiles tell it all. Both clients and prospective investors all couldn’t help but be enthused with delight as they listened to the BDM share the secret behind making 7million naira in 5months.

The event ended on a note of huge satisfaction both for organizers and participants not only did they have fun, but it was a classic narrative of mutual gain for both Honeypays and prospective investors on the theme of increasing the financial value of the ordinary man the Honeypays way.


  1. congratulations Mrs. Janet many more fruitful years ahead

  2. So how about we investors in Lagos? No dinner party for us?

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