Honeypays Micro Credit Investment Limited celebrated her 2nd year anniversary the event which took place in the beautiful city of Osogbo, Osun State proverbially nick named “The Land Of Virtue” fell nothing short of expectations. Playing host on this occasion to such an auspicious event was the Leisure Spring Hotel sitting in the heart of the capital of a state which was formally called “The State of the Living Spring” – Now that nick name sounds quite better than the other (in my opinion) but in any case it’s just for the argument nothing more nothing less. Moving forward tandem to the purpose of this post let’s focus on the Elephant in the room which is the 2nd year anniversary of Honeypays Micro Credit Investment Limited such was the success of this event that it attracted a marmot audience within the city and beyond all gathered under one roof to felicitate.


Osogbo being the host was arguably not a coincidence by any standard whatsoever rather it was imperatively significant for reason being that this hosting right was in direct tribute to the state being the birth place of such a noble business initiative. One which since her launch into full operations in 2017 has progressively proved to being the go-to platform for every SMEs and individual investors many of whom who have had their business and lives upgraded and credited with countless testimonies too numerous to mention.

As expected in any Honeypays event the brand commands substantial followership in unprecedented numbers with an audience mix that cuts across a broad spectrum of individuals from business, religious, cooperate and other stakeholders within the social and geopolitical stratosphere of the city and beyond.


A cross section of the audience paying rapt attention as the BDM spoke


 Mr. Abiola Oladejo COO Honeypays Micro Credit Investment making his presentation

Amidst the celebrations the occasion was replete with a plethora of activities thus dislodging even the slightest suggestion of boredom. Amongst these activities were keynote speeches and presentations all of which were centered on the brand; the journey so far, testimonies from those who have become in many ways “trophies” and ambassadors of the ever increasing success repository that Honeypays is fast building through her excellent product and service delivery.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGlFbEo0rOU

An added dimension to the event was when the audience were gifted the opportunity to get an idea of all that lies ahead with respect to what the future holds for both the company and her valued customers, investors and prospective clients it was quite a revelation as they paid attention with keen interest. 


Currently Honeypays is functional and operative with offices in four states in Nigeria; Bayelsa, Osun, Calabar and Lagos being the Headquarters.

Notwithstanding, the company’s financial products and services are available and accessible to prospective investors across the length and breadth of the 36 states in Nigeria regardless of where and when the need arises. This is made possible through our Honeypays mobile and web platforms-now no barriers are visible anymore, all we see are POSSIBILITIES and we invite you to come share this experience with us as we look forward to celebrating again by this time next.

Visit the google play store and download the Honeypays mobile app or go to www.Honeypays.com.ng


  1. 2years of consistency and dedication to excellent service delivery. Obrigado Honeypays team it can only get better

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