FRESH AIR IN BAYELSA: Honeypays Upgrade Bayelsa Office


Bayelsa state being an oil producing state is home to over 2 million people and a wealth of natural resources making it a strategic state for wealth creation.

With the strategic opportunity in mind, Honeypays micro credit investments limited has upgraded its Bayelsa office facility state of the art promising its members greater comfort and ease of doing business with Honypays. Now situated at 21, Old Azikoro road, Okaka, Yenagoa, Bayelsa. Businesses in Bayelsa will have greater opportunities to access and enjoy the 0% interest free and no collateral loan among other Honeypays financial products to spur their businesses to greater levels. Honeypays micro credit investments limited is poised to contribute significantly to the commercial development of Bayelsa state by providing access to more  facilities that support the growth and success of many more small and medium scale business.

It has been touted that government is the sole largest employer of labour in Bayelsa state. This is about to change as small businesses will be able to attain growth levels unattained previously through the support of the Honeypays financial products which are designed to boost businesses and provide a life line for their continued business survival and sustainability. This in effect will further increase revenues for business thus creating wealth and reducing unemployment in the state.

Honeypays micro credit investment limited is a member based non-bank financial institution currently with 7 branches nationwide has thousands of members that have become beneficiaries of its financial products with many small business having received financial boost needed to keep their businesses relevant in their business environment.


Moreover, many of the Honeypays members have also enjoyed a financial product called “Project Empower”. This is a financial instrument that helps to empower individuals and businesses (Honeypays members) to bring them to achieving their goals at the speed of interest rate. Yes, you heard me. Interest rate, it is a high yield fixed deposit account whereby members enjoy fantastic interest rates on monies deposited over short and medium terms. This is called smart savings; it’s the principle of growing your money over time with the power of the simple interest rate.

It’s truly fresh air in Bayelsa as the old and new members in Bayelsa will enjoy fantastic benefits from carefully and masterfully built financial products that improve their business and personal life.