Empower Plus


This is a diversified portfolio of investment designed specially for retirement or for a long term residual income. Enjoy monthly payment of 3%, 4%, 5% and 6% of principal for 3years, 4years, 5years, 6years respectively. Minimum Investment is N5,000,000.00, Maximum Investment is N100,000,000.00
Principal is paid back within 30 calender days or converted to a house/car
within the said period.

Please note that HoneyPays Micro Credit Investment Ltd is not a Pension Fund
Administrator (PFA), so this product is not a PFA regulated portfolio however as
a registered Micro Finance Institution and a portfolio manager this product is so
designed and targeted those preparing for retirement. This is a very safe and
secure investment as our investment vehicles are diversified across different
sectors of the global economy, and an insurance cover in income generating

At the end of the chosen tenure, principal is converted to a landed property.
The valuing the House is the sole responsibility of our partnering subsidiary HONEYPAYS LUXURY APARTMENTS LTD. and supersedes any other valuing.


This product comes with a home temporary ownership option at the end of the
chosen tenor. Principal invested is converted to a real estate property and handed
over to the client to use as will for the duration of the tenure chosen for the
investment; this property cannot be sold by the client and cannot be used as
collateral. 3years tenor comes with a One bedroom flat, 4years tenor comes with
a two bedroom flat, 5years tenor comes with a three bedroom flat, 6years tenor
comes with a four bedroom flat. Please not the choice of flat and its location
subject to availability. This product is in partnership with HoneyPays Luxury
Apartments Ltd.

The flats given to the client at maturity is only for the duration of the tenure
chosen. Ownership of the flats expires at the end of the period specified. At the
end of the 3years tenor, the client get a One bedroom flat for 3years to live
in or rent, and handed over without encumbrance to the company in tenant-able
condition. Same applies to the other tenures. The flats remains the sole property
of HONEYPAYS LUXURY APARTMENTS LTD. and its not transferable.