About Us

HONEYPAYS MICRO CREDIT is a member based microfinance institution and also a member of the apex Association of Non-Bank Microfinance Institutions of Nigeria (ANMFIN) and has always complied with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Engaging solely in activities that are recognized under policies issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria, including the:

  1. Microfinance Policy, Regulatory and Supervisory Framework for  Nigeria, December 2005 (section 9.3);

  1. Revised Microfinance Policy Framework for Nigeria, April 2011 (Sections 4.3.5, 5.2, 5.3);

  1. Revised Regulatory and Supervisory Guidelines for Microfinance Banks in Nigeria, 2012 (section 17.2).

As a Tier 1 Microfinance Institution, HONEYPAYS MICRO CREDIT has been a standard bearer in implementing best practices in triple bottom line financial intermediation and inclusion in Nigeria and Africa.”


Duly incorporated in Nigeria under the COMPANY AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT 1990, and registered:

  1. To carry on the business of investing funds of the shareholders, associates and partners of the company as well as the general public.

  2. To engage in the business of providing micro-credit facilities and to provide financial and technical assistance and support to individuals, small scale enterprises.